Standing Ovation III – Hope You All Enjoyed!

Remember Programmes are still for sale, all proceeds to charity.

Photos and the DVD will be available very soon!

See you all in class!

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  1. Pamela says:

    Hey there! I gotta say your story was pretty rlnevaet to my own self as well! I love seeing the embrace in traditions being a part of peoples lives. But even better when you have influences from different backgrounds. I come from Korean, Caucasian, Spanish, and Irish backgrounds, and imagine celebrating holidays with family from those parts of the world. Sounds overwhelming, but in reality its the greatest gift a person can receive!

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  9. cealis says:

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  10. all of those things at least once! *Especially* “Puppy!!!!!” to the avy dogs, and then swearing and muttering when i get caught in some nature danger….oh, and “Maybe you’re pregnant?”

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